Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Style Crusader

I have a long list of blogs that I visit everyday, both Icelandic and foreign.  But one of my favourite blogs must be The Style Crusader. Jennifer Inglis is the lovely lady behind the blog and I can't express how much I love her style and, well.. pretty much everything about her blog! Besides being a master student in Political Theory, she has a passion for fashion and photography which really reflects in her immaculate sense of style. She's also a great photographer and I love her street style posts!
She is well on her way to becoming a world famous blogger so make sure to bookmark her blog now, cause you'll be hearing a lot more of this blogger for sure!

Ég er með langan lista af blogg síðum sem ég skoða daglega, bæði íslensk og erlend. En eitt af mínum uppáhalds bloggum er klárlega The Style Crusader. Hin yndislega Jennifer Inglis er andlitið á bakvið bloggið og ég hreinlega elska stílinn hennar og bara allt við bloggið hennar! Fyrir utan það að vera í masters námi, þá hefur hún brennandi áhuga á tísku og ljósmyndun sem endurspeglast í óaðfinnanlegum stíl hennar. Hún er líka frábær ljósmyndari og ég elska færslunar hennar um götu tísku.
Hún er aldeilis búin að hasla sér völl í blogg heiminum og er þegar orðin heimsþekkt, svo verið viss um að fylgjast með henni, því að þið eigið klárlega eftir að heyra meira af þessum bloggara!
Klikkið HÉR til að þýða viðtalið yfir á íslensku ;)

When did you get interested in fashion?
   I've been interested in it for as long as I can remember. You should see the photographs from when I was a kid... some of them are mortifying. Dressing up in crazy outfits and dancing around the house was always a very past time.

How would you describe your style?
   Laid back. I ride a bike everyday which means I've got to avoid unnecessary safety hazzards... like super wide legs! I like classic shapes and quite neutral colours. I'm happy to dip into trends but I appreciate a look a lot more if it's got an individaul twist. I don't tend to wear a whole outfit from one shop.

What‘s your must-have fashion piece for this season:
  Black wedges, military inspired jackets, neutral shades, and a to the floor knife pleated skirt... I've yet to find that last item though!

Favourite fashion icons?
  Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung... I quite like the androgynous look. Plus people like Bridgett Bardot and the girls from Charlie's Angels... I don't have one icon really. It's always changing.

Where do you shop the most?
  Oh, it's quite random and I've tried to cut back on my purchases since I have way too many things that I still have never worn. But, my favourites definitely include Topshop, Zara, My-wardrobe and simple American classics like Gap and Banana Republic.

What's your favourite garment?
  My absolute most treasured item is my Alexander McQueen bag... the first designer bag I ever purchased. It is my absolute favourite. Besides that, I've got an unhealthy obsession with American Apparel 50/25/25 blend t-shirts... they are essentials. I think I've got about 15 different versions.

What trend would you never wear?
  I'd never say never... I know I'm capable of falling for even the most outlandish of trends. But anything overtly brash I try to stay away from.

If you could buy one thing, no matter how much it‘d cost, what would you buy?
  Are we talking a fashion item? If so it would be a classic black Chanel bag. If I could buy anything anything... it would be a beach house. Haha... if money was no issue.

Give us one fashion advice:
  Stay true to your own style. Just becuase something looks achingly cool on someone else it doesn't mean it will on you. Know what suits your shape and personality and don't follow the crowds. Ultimately you'll look and feel better for it.

Thanks again Jennifer!

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  1. What a great interview and amazing outfit pictures.:D

    Thanks for featuring her, Sara!:D

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