Thursday, August 12, 2010

Q&A time!

Here are some questions I've recieved through that I'd like to share with you. If there's anything you'd like to ask me, just fire away! Don't be shy ;) I love answering your questions.

Hérna eru nokkrar spurningar sem að ég hef fengið í gegnum sem mér langar að deila með ykkur. Bendi á google translate fyrir þá sem eru  ekki jafn sleipir í enskunni! En ef ykkur langar að spurja mig að einhverju, þá ekki vera feimin! ;) Mér finnst rosa gaman að svara ykkur.

Q. What are you going to study in Italy and where?
A. I'm going to apply at IED in Milano next year, they offer a 3 year stylist course.

Q. What online classes are you taking this summer?
A. I'm taking french and chemistry so I'll be able to graduate this christmas.

Q. Why don't you look into the camera in your pictures?
A. I just feel that the focus should be on the clothes but not on myself :)

Q. What blogs do you follow?
A. Oh my, I probably follow over 100 blogs! But my favorite icelandic ones are Hilrag, M, Þórhildur Þorkels, StarB, Pattra's Closet and Wardrobe Wonderland . And my favorite international ones are Style Scrapbook, Mode d'Amour, Anywho, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Victoria Törnegren and Carolines Mode. I'm probably forgetting some!

Q. What is the name of the company that you take streetstyle pictures for?
A. It's called Mudpie and is based in England.

Q. Did you get payed to do the street style shoots?
A. Yes it's a paid job.

Again, feel free to ask me anything! :)

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