Sunday, August 15, 2010

Margaux Lonnberg

Margaux Lonnberg is one of the coolest people around! I love everything about her.. Her bleached eyebrows (wish I could pull that off), her style, her effortlessly cool hair, her blog The Killing Moon and that she's french. This girl is a real inspiration!
I've got an interview tomorrow with the company that offers the program I wish to get into in Paris. Hopefully they've got some good news for me so that I'm one step closer to leaving for my favorite city in the world! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Ooh and I passed my french exam! Whoop!

Margaux Lonnberg er svo ógeðslega kúl! Ég elska allt við hana.. Aflituðu augabrúnirnar hennar (vildi að ég myndi púlla það), stílinn hennar, flotta hárið hennar, bloggið hennar The Killing Moon og að hún sé frönsk. Þessi gella er sko alvöru innblástur!
Ég mæti í viðtal á morgun hjá Nínukoti. Vona að það gangi vel svo að ég sé einu skrefi nær því að komast til Parísar! Ég læt ykkur vita hvernig gekk á morgun.
Ooh og ég náði frönskunni í fjarnáminu! Whoop!

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  1. First three images make her look so ethereal.

  2. really great pics!!!!

    nice blog, take also a look at mine :)


  3. you always post interesting...great selection of pictures
    follow you...follow me too

  4. I've seen Margaux Lonnberg on Vanessa Jackman's blog once before but I never realised she had her own fashion blog. So exciting..shall definitely check it out now. She really has such a wonderful look..such an unconventional beauty.


  5. Lovely. She's cute :-)

  6. Great selections Sarah.
    loving this girl

  7. Does not any of you people see how skinny Margaux Lonnberg is? She is too thin, that i snot healthy anymore. If you compare how she looked a while ago on Garance's blog, she looked fine, but now, no that is not ok anymore.

  8. she is definitely my favourite - such a rare creature on earth :)
    would you like to follow each other?