Saturday, May 29, 2010

Liberty 27

I just came across this awsome online boutique, Liberty 27. They have some truly amazing stuff, the prices are really reasonable and they ship worldwide! Win!
They have a bunch of really beautiful vintage inspired dresses and I'm loving their shoe collection. They also have some great accessories and bags. I also love their slogan 'Where fashion and freedom collide'. As they say on their website:

'At Liberty 27, Fashion and Freedom Collide! Fashion is a form of freedom. It is a great to express your own personal style and personality through fashion. But real beauty and freedom comes from the inside out!

You should definitely go check them out! Here are a few things I'm craving from their store, anyone want to buy me some of those items? Pretty please?


  1. Oooh great stuff!! I'm going to have another site to drool over now...there are so many stores I want to order from...but money doesn't grow on trees XD

  2. I loooove this find!!! I love their slogan, too - it's so great. A friend and I are seriously considering opening a store similar to this and so this was such great inspiration!

  3. Its very summer...
    Great post.